The Middle School Bible courses are taught from a distinctively Christian viewpoint, by recognizing the Scriptures as the absolute, authoritative, inerrant Word of God.  The Bible courses are taught using Bob Jones University Press curriculum.  This curriculum is uniquely designed for each grade level in a way that promotes the students; spiritual growth.  The students will grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and in the ability of apply the Scriptures to their daily lives.  Spiritual growth is fostered in the students first by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit as they wrestle daily with the truths of Scripture.  Second, as students answer lesson questions, they are guided and encouraged by qualified instructors to live a Christ-centered life .The effectiveness of this sequence and the progress of the students’ growth is evaluated through quizzes, tests, classroom discussions, and a variety of activities.


Middle School math classes are designed to prepare students for upper level high school math.  Students use the Pearson envision common core curriculum in sixth grade and McDougall-Little in seventh and eighth.  Sixth grade students focus on higher level computation and problem solving..  Seventh grade students take Pre-Algebra and eighth grade students learn Algebra.

Language Arts

The Middle School Language Arts courses are designed to give students a working knowledge of the mechanics of grammar as well as to give them practice in using those mechanics.  Students participate in a wide variety of writing exercises designed to give them practice in using what they have learned.  In addition to grammar, students also work on their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills by reading selections from a wide variety of good literature.  


In sixth grade students are given an overview of the history of the Western Hemisphere as well as geography.  Seventh grade students study world history beginning with medieval times through the present.  In eighth grade, students study the history of the United States.


Sixth and seventh grade students enjoy learning about plants, invertebrates, astronomy, basic chemistry and meteorology, as well as first aid and anatomy.  Eighth grade students study meteorology, oceanography, chemistry, geology and physics.