K3 – 7th Tuition & Fees Schedules
1 Full Tuition Payment$9,745.00 (K4-7)
$10,500.00 (K3)
2 Equal Payments$4,872.50 (K4-7)
$5,250.00 (K3)
4 Equal Payments$2,436.25 (K4-7)
$2,625.00 (K3)
10 Monthly Payments$974.50 (K4-7)
$1,050.00 (K3)
11 Monthly Payments$885.91 (K4-7)
$954.55 (K3)
Returning Student Application Fee$400.00 – Per Student
$300.00 – Family (per student)
New Student Application Fee$600.00 – Per Student
$500.00 – Family (per student)
$500.00 – K3-K4

Full Payment: 
A discount will be given for tuition paid in full on or before the following dates:
June 1 – 5%     July 1 – 3%     August 1 – 2%     September 1 – 1%

Two Payments: 
A discount will be given on half of the yearly tuition amount if the tuition is paid in two equal payments on or before the following dates:
June 1 – 3%     July 1 – 2%     August 1 – 1%

Multiple Children: 
The following discounts will be applied to the tuition of enrolled siblings:
2nd Child $200     3rd Child – $300     Additional – $500

Active Military: 10%


Fees are not included in the tuition payments and are not refundable. Tuition may be paid by the year, semester, quarterly, or monthly through FACTS.  Under the yearly tuition plan, tuition and all applicable fees are due by July 1.  Beginning in July, under the 10, or 11-month plan, tuition and all applicable fees are paid in equal payments to be made on the 5th or 20th of each month.  Regardless of the tuition payment plan elected, the parents or guardians are obligated to pay the full tuition for the entire semester and will not receive any refund of tuition in the event the child withdraws, transfers or is dismissed.

Tuition, or extended time fees are based on reasonable economic trends. Though adjustments are not anticipated, radical changes in the economy or other circumstances may result in adjusted rates. In its sole discretion, the school reserves the right to adjust tuition and extended time rates and fees. Disposition of tuition and other fees upon the suspension, withdrawal, transfer, and/or dismissal of a student is addressed on the back of the enrollment form.

Testing Fee ……………………… $100 per student
(Testing is required of new students before final enrollment in grades K5 – 7.)

Extended Time ………………Before/care 6:30 AM – 8:00AM & Aftercare 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM 

10 month11 Month4 Payments 2 Payments Yearly 
AM$ 200.00$ 181.82$ 500.00$ 1,000.00$ 2,000.00
PM $ 300.00$ 272.73$ 750.00$ 1,500.00$ 3,000.00

K4 and K5 Student Books are ordered by the school. Parents should purchase their books by July 1st to ensure students’ books arrive at the school on time.  Payment is made through GiveLify, on the school’s website.  Please indicate your student’s name and grade in the Memo box.

K4 Books – $162.00
K5 Books – $247.00