A K4 student’s day is started with Bible Class. They learn and recite pledges to the American Flag, Christian Flag and the Bible.  We learn and recite Bible verses, sing songs, and respond to Bible doctrines that include: what is sin; who sins; who is God; who paid for our punishment for sin; and how can you know for sure that you are going to Heaven. They also learn how to pray.


Students are taught the alphabet, A to Z and their sounds. Also they are taught how to recognize vowels, blends, and taught how to read. Students are taught the correct formation of letters from capital ‘A’, little ‘a’ to capital ‘Z’, little ‘z’ and write them on their own with out assistance. Students are also learning to read books.


Students learn to recognize numbers and how to count. Students are also taught the correct formation of numbers and how to write to them.


Students learn and recite poems and have weekly enrichment classes that include Art, Music, Spanish, Creative Movement, P.E., and Computer Technology.

Social Studies

Students learn about different countries; how each country has their own flag & song; how the people live and dress and the different food they eat. Students will also learn about the different animals in other countries.